What clients say

“I regularly confer with Russell and refer clients and potential clients to Russell for civil and criminal trial matters, and the results which he gets for matters which he accepts are excellent. He is a strategic thinker with years of experience and savvy. His specialties are matters related to divorces, drug-related incidents, and general criminal defense.”
Peter Pinney, FL Notary Public, Peter R. Pinney Attorney

“I’m very satisfied with the work the services the Russell and his firm provided. I would not hesitate to use his expertise again.”
Chris H (client)

“Russell has not only been a legal advisor but also a very close friend. He is considered a top attorney in his field and has a tremendous reputation amongst his peers in the legal community.”
Mario Q (client)

“Russell and I have worked together as co-counsel on many complex criminal cases. He is an outstanding, talented, perceptive lawyer. He uses his experience and talent to the benefit of his clients by achieving outstanding results.”
Richard Sharpstein, Attorney

“Russell handled a case where I and my family were victims of a crime. He provided us expert advice and was tenacious in his commitment to a just outcome. Russell is not only a great lawyer but he is also a great person. I highly recommend Russell Spatz.”
Keri H (client)

“As an appellate attorney, I am always looking for competent trial attorneys to work with me on cases. Russell Spatz is just such an attorney. He has the expertise to work on the most difficult litigation issues. His excellent work is both consistent and reliable. I have in the past, and will continue in the future, recommended Russell Spatz’s legal expertise to both clients and attorneys alike. It is without the slightest hesitation that I recommend the Spatz Law Firm to anyone who needs the services of a top notch litigator.”
Roberta M (client)

“A person of integrity, high standards and honesty and respect, hardworking!”
Sidney Indgin, MD, Sidney N. Indgin M.D., PA

“I met Russell Spatz in 1995; he and I worked together for 5 years on a project. I had the pleasure of getting to know him not only as my superior but as my friend. He is one of the most driven, dynamic, and caring Human Beings I have ever met. As soon as you meet him, you know about the dynamic and driven parts, but as you get to know him the caring and the compassionate part is his biggest asset! He is a fantastic Leader and decision maker? He is one of the most influential people in my life, our relationship has continued to this day.”
Perry DiNapoli, President, Antonees Gourmet Family

“Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity. Russell is a top trial attorney. He is always litigating in and out of the court room. He is on top of the litigation and has more than once succeeded at the impossible for me. I highly recommend his services.”
Geoffrey C (client)

“Russell Spatz is an Attorney that when you Retain his service you can sleep at night knowing that you he will handle your case with excellence!”
Anthony N (client)

“Russell is a man who I find to be trustworthy, authentic, and wise. I would recommend him professionally, and as a friend.”
Jennifer Walder, D.C./Certified Acupuncturist, Assistant, Neurological

“While I cannot go in to the details of the case, Russell was clever, dogged, and persistent in resolving several critical issues. His advice was clear cut. The outcome was satisfactory, and a very difficult process (of which I was anxious) was overcome with his professional attitude, intense focus and a great sense of humor. I cannot say that I look forward to the next problem, but if I do encounter another legal issue in Florida, Russell will be the attorney I utilize for counsel.”
CJ W (client)

“I have known Mr. Spatz, for number of years, and have had the opportunity to work with and for him. I find Mr. Spatz to be very good attorney who does his utmost for the clients that he represents, When retained, Mr. Spatz has been able to litigate the case to a successful conclusion for his client. Given the opportunity I would refer any to retain Mr. Spatz as their attorney.”
Charles Smith, Consultant, C.E.S. Consulting Inc

“I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Spatz in a legal matter concerning a close friend. My experience was very positive and my friend got excellent results-the most favorable outcome as had been possible under the circumstances. I would recommend Mr. Spatz as an attorney who will deliver more than expected.”
George Riggs, III, Managing Director, The McLean Group, LLC

“Russell is one of the best professionals I have ever met. He is a good, honest, compassionate human being. As an attorney, he is the finest Criminal Defense Attorney I have ever encountered. Trust me, this is one guy you want to have on your side. The very, very best. You cannot get better than this fine man. A champ and a class act.”
Jose G (client)

“If you want an aggressive legal counsel who quickly grasps the essence of the issue and bulldogs your interest, Russell Spatz is your man.”
Gunther Karger, President, Discovery Group

“I have known Mr. Russell Spatz close to 30 years, since my time as a Miami Dade Police Department Homicide Investigator and continued into my private investigative business. Russell is honest and tenacious in his case presentation. He is an outstanding Attorney whose passion for his clients is unmatched.”
David R. Ward, Homicide Detective, Miami-Dade Police Department

“Russell is a talented attorney with a heart for people who cuts to the chase and gets results consistently. I will definitely use his services again when the need arises. I found him to be a man of integrity with a high knowledge & skill level.”
Rommie J (client)

“Mr. Spatz is an outstanding divorce and criminal defense attorney. I have referred many clients to him and have retained him many times on behalf of my clients. The results have been excellent. I would highly recommend Mr. Spatz.”
Chris V (client)

“I can recommend Attorney Spatz without reservations. He is a gentleman and a scholar, and his integrity is impeccable. His professional skills and reputation speak for themselves.”
Brother Herbert Greene, Emergency Medicine Physician, Retired, Herbert H. Greene, M.D.

“Russell is a seasoned trial attorney and strives to practice the law with integrity, ethics, and compassion. He is an advocate for his clients, no matter what their life circumstances.”
Deborah L (client)

“Russell is a great person and great lawyer. I highly recommend Russell to anyone that is looking for a miracle to happen. He is great at finding the right path for clients.”
Michael Corcelli, Managing Member, Alexander Alternative Capital LLC

“Russell is the consummate attorney who truly represents the highest good for his clients. I have known and worked with Russell for the past 20 years and he has been an invaluable asset to me. I highly recommend him without any reservation and can guarantee that he will deliver positive results in the event anyone retains his services”
Jim L (client)

“I have known Russell for almost thirty years. A wonderful lawyer; but, more importantly a wonderful person!”
Leonard Sands, President, Sands & Moskowitz, PA

“Russell handles his criminal defense cases with sensitivity, and brilliance. He looks out for his clients’ best interests. He is especially effective with clients who have substance abuse problems.”
David Deehl, Attorney, The Florida Bar

“Russell has made a huge impact in many lives during his years of public and private service to his community. I would trust Russell with my very life both professionally and privately. I know that in whatever endeavor you may find yourself connected to Russell Spatz it will be fair, knowledgeable and in both your best interest and also in the best interest of all involved.”
Linda Douglas, Owner, TO’n’FRO

“I have known Russell Spatz for more than 25 years and had the privilege of working with him. Russell is an excellent attorney with a great sense of integrity.”
Oscar Marrero, Student, University of Miami

“Russell will work his tail off for what is right. I’ve trusted my life in his hands”
Kate McGuinness, Associate Director of Administration, Diabetes Research Institute Foundation

“Russell is an excellent attorney and valued friend, He is knowledgeable as an attorney with great results in getting a favorable ruling in court, He is responsible reliable and an attorney with integrity and personal values. Russell Spatz is someone that can be trusted as a professional and as a friend.”
Efren C (client)

“I am sure that everyone has been in the position of needing some advice either legally or personally. I had needed a recommendation on a decision I was to make and a course of action. That is when I met Russell Spatz. He shared with me the best course of action, and showed me to be responsible for the consequences of my decision. Russell A. Spatz is an outstanding human being. His desire and dedication to reach out and help others in their personal affairs or legally is indescribable. He is always there for friends, family and acquaintances. Many friends have had the same positive experience when dealing with Russell in their own situation.”
Zena Friedman, Executive Sales Manager and Rental Specialist, move2mexico Realty

“Russell is a hardworking, knowledgeable expert in his field. His knowledge, integrity and dedication were beneficial. I would highly recommend him.”
Mike P (client)