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Each year thousands of people are arrested in Miami-Dade County for such crimes such as drunk driving, traffic violations, drugs, theft, assault, murder, probation violations, fraud, domestic violence, and much more.

Sometimes these charges come unexpectedly or arise suddenly from an incident out of the blue while sometimes arising from an investigation of a Law Enforcement agency and the handwriting is “on the wall” and charges are anticipated.

Being charged with a crime does not mean you will be convicted. There are a many factors that go into a criminal prosecution that can and will affect the outcome. Pre-trial discovery and motions are oft times determinative of the result.

The most important step is to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible after an arrest is made or beforehand at the first notion that an investigation has begun. An attorney can help you protect your rights during the investigation, and may mean the difference between whether cases are filed or if they are whether a conviction follows.

For example, a criminal defense attorney can determine if your rights were violated during the events that led to the arrest. If your fourth amendment right to privacy was infringed upon and this information is being used as evidence, a lawyer may be able to help get that evidence thrown out which can lead to dismissal of the case. A Fifth amendment violation can lead to suppression of your statement and can thus also lead the prosecution to dismiss the case if the confession is a major part of the evidence relied upon. This is just one of many examples of how criminal defense lawyer works.

An arrest or investigation is both scary, confusing and overwhelming for the person accused of a crime. Many times law enforcement is there to gather evidence to support a conviction and arrest not to protect you. Your rights are not a priority. An experienced criminal defense attorney can be your best ally, especially when you are nervous and in unchartered territory during investigations.

Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer With Experience

Miami criminal defense attorney Russell A. Spatz has over 40 years of experience in the criminal court system. He is a former Assistant State Attorney and Division Chief for two State Attorneys in Florida and a former criminal law professor. Because he once served as a prosecutor, he understands how both sides of a criminal case and how Law Enforcement operate.

Russell believes is straight forward in dealing with his clients and lets them know what is happening at every stage. He insists on having good and constant communication with the client. He makes communication a priority so that his clients are always up-to-date with what is going on with their case. In addition, he believes in personalized attention and fighting vigorously to protect the best interests of his clients.

Criminal Defense Law Firm in Miami

Located in Palmetto Bay, Florida, The Spatz Law Firm is available to assist individuals who have been arrested for a crime, no matter what the charge is. Even after a conviction and sentence has been ruled upon, sometimes you may qualify for post-conviction relief. Either way, when it comes to defending you in a criminal case, you need a lawyer who is realistic, experienced, communicative, and has the knowledge to explore every angle possible.

In Miami alone, there are on average over 45,000 convictions of both violent and non-violent crimes each year (source: MDPD 5-year crime comparison). Regardless of the type of crime committed, being convicted of a crime can affect you for the rest of your life.

If you’re in need of a Miami criminal defense attorney, call The Spatz Law Firm to schedule a consultation with Russell Spatz.

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